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Welcome to the StudioBOX Smash! Wiki

This is a Smash Bros. like game. This is being programmed on scratch.

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Latest activity

  • new page Shrek
    created by Sevenut
    New page: Shrek is an ogre from a swamp Far Far Away. He uses sprites from Shrek 2. Moveset- e= Onion Toss e+a or d= Ogre Punch e+w= Ogre Jump e+s=...
    Added photo:
  • new page Alex
    created by Sevenut
    New page: Alex is one of the default player skins from Minecraft. She is a clone of Link. She uses items from Zelda Sword Skills, Battlegear, and Legendgear...
    Added photo:
  • new page Young Link
    created by Sevenut
    New page: Young Link is a clone of Link. He was Added to celebrate the release of Majora's Mask 3D Moveset- e= Fire Bow e+a or d= Boomerang e+w= Spin...
    Added photo:
  • new page Mario
    created by Sevenut
    New page: Mario is Nintendo's Mascot. He is a playable character in StudioBOX Smash! Mario uses custom and edited sprites from Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga
    Added photo:
  • edit StudioBOX Smash! Wiki
    edited by Sevenut diff
  • discussion page Welcome!
    comment by Rappy 4187
    Rappy 4187

    Rappy 4187

    Hello, We're excited to have StudioBOX Smash! Wiki as part of the Wikia community! There's still a lot to do; here are some help... 

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